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Love Is an Inside Job: Getting Vulnerable with God

Love Is an Inside Job: Getting Vulnerable with God

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Publication Date: April 3rd, 2018


Faith in God plus therapy are the combination that leads to wholeness. Tune's story of his faith/therapy path to authenticity with God will empower you for your own life journey.

Tune is the son of a drug-addicted single parent mother, who herself, inherited deeply ingrained obstacles to self-love. He found his way out of poverty via the military. He graduated from Howard University and Duke School of Divinity. He was a minister, a sought-after speaker, and social entrepreneur. Outwardly, he was successful, an overcomer. Yet, his past, hidden childhood trauma would sometimes revolt, causing self-sabotage that threatened to destroy the life he was creating. He worked hard to keep the emotional brokenness caused by the challenges of his upbringing carefully hidden -- especially from the church. His mother, with whom he successfully reconciled after she was finally free from addiction, died of lung cancer. Then he divorced -- a second time. Feeling like a failure, questioning his faith and will to live, he made a choice not to give up but to examine his life and seek counseling. Dubbed "Brother Brown" (a Black man's Brene Brown), his book shares his process of applying therapy and faith to anger, shame, self-doubt and plaguing memories. Romal learned that the pursuit of success was not the key to healing the inner turmoil but it was in learning to accept the love of God and learning to love the wounded child within. His past pain was redeemed as self-worth and he finally found inner peace. No longer carrying the weight of secrets, guilt and shame, he emerged emotionally free and more powerful than ever. His book will empower others to stop living a past driven present by healing their stories, embracing the love of God, and learning to truly love themselves.

About the Author

Romal Tune is Senior Advisor to the President of TMS Global, while also maintaining his public relations consulting company Tune & Associates. He is a highly sought-after communicator and seminar facilitator. His platform and cross sector relationships have positioned him as a global leader who takes individuals and institutions from setbacks to success by using the power of story. Romal consistently travels throughout the year helping individuals and organizations find deeper meaning, maximize their potential, and live into their purpose by listening to their stories and living authentically.

Coming from challenging beginnings, Romal defied the odds to become an All American Collegiate Scholar, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and Magna Cum Laud honor graduate with a BSN from Howard University and MDIV from Duke University School of Divinity. As a military veteran who served during Gulf War Desert Storm, moving individuals from setbacks to success as leaders is something he knows full well.

Praise for Love Is an Inside Job: Getting Vulnerable with God

"This book is a beautiful reminder from a man who weaves his love for Jesus with real talk about vulnerability in a way that everyone can relate to and learn from. Romal, kicks the doors of complacency open wide and with arms outstretched, invites us to enter into wholeness." —Bob Goff, author of Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

"I love books that fully engage you from the first page--with deep humanity, dear honesty, and yes vulnerability! Books like this. I fear that I write far too abstractly and theoretically compared to Romal Tune. Read and meet a man on the real journey. It will change the way you see life, death, and perhaps even God."—Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., author of Falling Upward and Breathing Under Water

"All of us face challenges as we seek to live lives of purpose and meaning, but Romal Tune has faced more than his share. Every story in this book says, 'There's a way through'-if you are willing to do hard inner work and give yourself to God's love. For those in search of inner peace and deeper meaning, this book will serve as a guide and a sign of hope."—Parker J. Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak, The Courage to Teach, and On the Brink of Everything

"The stories shared by Romal are riveting, real and relevant to anyone who wants to live their best life and who knows that requires doing the work to heal from the wounds inflicted along the way. Romal is honest about his wins, his losses, and what he is doing to improve and shows us what we all can do to improve. He is going to help a lot of people with this work."—Brian Courtney Wilson, Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

"A resounding thanks to Romal Tune for reminding me once again that vulnerability is one of our greatest super powers! Love Is an Inside Job is an emancipating message for those of us searching for a deeper, more authentic relationship with ourselves, the calling on our lives and, yes, with God. Through the lens of Tune's life lessons, this book shows what true, unconditional love can look like for all of us." —Shawn Dove, CEO, Campaign for Black Male Achievement

"It takes great courage to share the good, bad, and ugly of our lives with even those we most trust. Romal's willingness to open the book of his life first, to God and a therapist, and now, to us, is testament to the healing power of God and safe community in our lives. Romal's compelling storytelling provides examples of how God-centered therapy combines the best of science and faith to help lead each of us on a journey of healing and vulnerability." —Barbara S. Boatwright, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director Life Resources

"Once again Romal Tune has crafted a modern-day epistle full of truth, soul and a dash of humor. He creatively engages the reader to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. This publication is destined to bless those who walked away from the faith community, but desire to reconnect and those inside the church yearning for change. Read it and be blessed by this modern-day prophet."—Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, Trinity Church, Chicago, IL

"A must read for those doing the work of justice in the midst of the trauma of poverty. This book brings wisdom, healing and a deeper theological reflection for the church about family relationships. Romal models courage, vulnerability and authenticity. Read it to reflect, to re-do your life, expand your understanding of church and build leadership in community."—Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, Academic Dean at Esperanza College

Praise for God's Graffiti:
"God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens offers a prophetic prescription for young people surrounded by challenging realities by facilitating a platform that empowers, engages, and enriches with the transformative power of faith in God. Via powerful biblical narratives, Rev. Tune frames the optics of hope and change for a generation poised to lead our cities out of the desert of despair and into the promise of tomorrow."
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic Evangelical Association

"God's Graffiti will arrest your attention. All who read this book will be blessed by the insights and inspiration that reflects both his wisdom from the school of hard knocks and his wrestling with the Word of God. Young people and young adults will appreciate his "real talk" that gets in your face with Good News that's biblically based. He brilliantly gleans lessons from Scripture and makes sense out of the nonsense that haunts those who are hurting. Those who have known a life of privilege should also read God's Graffiti. It will sensitize you to the plight of those who continue to be victimized by injustice and inequality. Christians will be challenged to join Rev. Tune in his ministry on the front lines bringing hope and healing to the hood."—Frederick Douglass Haynes III, Senior Pastor, Friendship-West Baptist Church, Chairman of the Board, FaithFormula Human Services Corporation

"With raw candor and vulnerability, God's Graffiti speaks to so-called at-risk youth with the voice of one of their own. Author Romal Tune, writes to these young people as one who knows, testifying to the God who restores their beginnings and transforms their endings. A wonderful resource to use for devotion or Bible study that is destined to become a classic in working with at-risk kids."—Dr. Felicia Howell LaBoy, Assistant Professor of Evangelization in the Heisel Chair, Director, the Center for Urban Ministry, United Theological Seminary

"Romal Tune's memoir is a compelling narrative of how faith and therapy work together to facilitate healing from trauma, toxic masculinity, internalized oppression, and broken relationships. His powerful journey is an inspiration to anyone on the journey of self-discovery and self-love."—Chanequa Walker-Barnes, Ph.D., author of Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength

"In Love is an Inside Job, Romal Tune has shifted the common Christian focus of loving others to loving self. his emphasis on vulnerability with God illuminates the primacy of one's relationship with the Creator, while illustrating the centrality of this relationship to every other relationship and encounter. Tune's confessional tone humanizes these concepts, while inviting the reader to journey with him from being weighed down with excessive emotional baggage to being free to love. We often take it for granted that God fully knows us, but this book clarifies that even our Creator desires our full transparency and vulnerability. I highly recommend this book for the model of honesty that it provides, and for the timely challenge to do the heavy lifting of remembrance, examination, and resolution of the stories and experiences that have made self-love a near impossibility. the reader will be challenged by the text, but transformed by applying the principles."—Rev. Dr. Neichelle R. Guidry, Dean of Sisters Chapel, Spelman College, Creator of shepreaches

"Experience, one often hears, is the best teacher, but that is true only if a person is able to learn from it. In discovering the power of vulnerability and learning to fight the internal battles Romal is now creating new life narratives for himself; life narratives of thriving rather than surviving. As he vulnerably shares his compelling life story with readers, he offers all of us the possibility of joining him in this journey, a journey of discovering who we are and who we can become. This book is not just Romal's story, it is the human story, the story of discovering the life God wants for each of us. It can be your story. I hope it will be."—Max Wilkins, President of TMS Global

"For much of my life I was conditioned to erect strong emotional barriers as a kind of macho defense system. In Love is an Inside Job, Romal Tune explores the need to lower the barricades and explains why we should embrace vulnerability as an emotional medium for strength. In a style that is raw and revealing in its honesty, he makes clear that achieving vulnerability is a tough challenge, but well worth the potential rewards. Love is an Inside Job is a good read, and very thought provoking."—Nathan McCall, author of Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America