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About Us

Who is the Society? 
The society is you! Bo Society is comprised of a diverse group of family, friends & professionals that have one thing in common, we are children of God who want to grow spiritually and intellectually. 
Whether you are a pastor, non-profit leader, student, mom or business owner there is a place for in the Bo Society.

What does community supported bookstore mean? 
Similiar to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement which encourages loyal customers help local farmers be sustainable,
Bo Society members will do the same for our independently owned bookstore by committing to spending a portion of their dollars at our bookstore versus a major retailer. This gives the bookstore improved sustainability 
and allows the community to be stakeholders in the bookstores success.

1. Society members are intentionally supporting a christian, minority, woman owned business. By doing so, you are building up diverse neighborhoods and furthering the pursuit of equitable prosperity.
2. In addition to that, Bo Society & Books donates a percentage of their proceeds to organizations and groups that lift up children in foster care, women in need and youth pursuing excellence.